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May 5, 2012


Xubuntu 12.04 LTS Review

Xubuntu 12.04 is the only lighter weight distribution that is getting Long Term Support (LTS) from Canonical. Support for Xubuntu LTS will be for 3 years compared to the life-cycle of 18 months and shorter than the 5 years given to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS bandbreite beim herunterladen von updates im vordergrund einschränken.

Xubuntu uses the XFCE 4.8 desktop which is less resource hungry than Unity or KDE and comes in two flavors, 32 bit and 64 bit. It is also an installable Live distribution and is based on Linux kernel 3.2 series nen 2654-1 downloaden.

Just like with all the ‘buntu flavors, the installation is practically the same whether installing Xubuntu, Ubuntu or even LUbuntu, the only difference is the theme Download android auto apps. Installation was quite quick and times will vary depending on your hardware setup. Note that XFCE is a lighter desktop as mentioned above but you can use it on newer hardware.

Once installation was said and done, we are greeted with the bluish theme of Xubuntu. Its desktop has a few icons and also it has an auto-hiding panel at the bottom of the desktop and will appear once you mouse over the bottom part of your screen and could be easily missed. With the panel at the bottom you can easily add or remove applications that you frequently use so you don’t have to go through the menu each time.

The main application menu is on the top left hand side of the screen and where it contains a variety of categories of applications that come pre-installed with Xubuntu. The menu is plain and has no 3D or window effects keeping with the theme of lightweight and sleek. The icons in Xubuntu are very nice and well made. The settings menu is a nice simple way to configure the look of Xubuntu and change some of the settings as well.

The Ubuntu Software Centre comes as part of this distribution where one can search for applications to install for free or install paid applications. USC also gives you the option of uninstalling a program that you already have installed on your system. It is a nice and easy way to find applications you might want to use in one location with a description and categories of applications. Or if you prefer you can add and remove and upgrade programs through the Synaptic package manager.

There are quite a few applications that come with Xubuntu but we will list some of them here. Firefox and Thunderbird are your default browser and email clients respectively, for those who like creating and manipulating images The GIMP comes installed by default. For those who have a large music collection, gmusicbrowser is your program to play, and create playlists of the music in your library. We have Parole as your media player which is based on GStreamer. AbiWord and Gnumeric is our word processor and spreadsheet programs respectively in keeping with the lightweight theme.


Xubuntu’s strong points that it offers a great out of the box experience which does not have much eye-candy or effects going on. We don’t have the HUD that Ubuntu has but we have a simpler desktop that some people would like to have instead of Unity or KDE with all the flash that comes with it.

The panel at the bottom is nice with the launchers so you don’t have to go through the menu system to launch your favorite programs but feel there should’ve been something a little more there.

One minor detail which I’ve noticed is the help file that came included with Xubuntu is that it hasn’t been updated to the latest version and still shows 11.10 release info.

More Information

Homepage: http://www.xubuntu.org
Screenshots: XUbuntu 12.04 LTS
Purchase: Official Ubuntu Book, The (6th Edition)


  1. jscottu
    May 6 2012

    Xubuntu 12.04 is now my main operating system. My very best machines will get Mint 13. My slow machines use peppermint 2, crunchbang, antiX mepis. My old 300mhz gets Slitaz. But I really like Xubuntu because of the combination of power and simplicity. There are millions and millions of aging desktop computers out there just waiting for an operating system to put some excitement back in their lives. If Linux didn’t exist then someone would have to invent it.

    • Mike L
      May 7 2012

      Linux Mint 12 is my main distro of use now but I still like Xubuntu, hence why I gave it a review because all the other sites seem to focus on Ubuntu. One good thing I like is the fact that Canonical kept the same feel between the Buntus but the only difference is the desktop environment. I think Linux saved a lot of PCs going to the landfill with quite a few specializing in extremely light weight versions like Puppy, Peppermint.

  2. masontx
    May 10 2012

    I prefer to create icons on my desktop and group them according to my needs. Is there a way to do that, or am I stuck with the launcher at the bottom?

    • Mike L
      May 12 2012

      To remove that panel you can go into Settings > Panel and then select Panel 2 from the drop down and delete panel 2.

  3. Tim
    May 16 2012

    RE panels etc…

    In XFCE, you can do what you like. Put your panels wherever you want, as big or small, horizontal, vertical and put whatever you like in them. Right click panel > panel properties > add items.

    launchers are really useful

  4. Charles
    Jun 9 2012

    I really like Xubuntu also, I started looking around for a different desktop after Ubuntu came out with Unity which I can not use, it is just awful. I really like the Mac like dock and the ability to customize panels and it uses less resources. This is a really nice desktop. Ubuntu has since come out with the ability to revert back to Gnome classic but I still like Xubuntu better.

    • Mike L
      Jun 9 2012

      I absolutely enjoy Xubuntu. I actually modded mine with awn and the task bar is more Mac-like.

      It’s my favorite out of the ‘Buntus and it is second in my list behind Linux Mint.

  5. Chuck Hendricks
    Jul 25 2013

    I am using Xubuntu on an old Dell w 184 pin memory boards.
    top shows that Xorg is using over 25% of this memory.
    Any suggestions to reduce this memory usage ?

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