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August 4, 2011


Wi-Fi File Sharing between Blackberry Playbook and Linux

The Blackberry Playbook has a feature that is called Wi-Fi sharing in which you can wirelessly trasnfer files between your computer and your Playbook without the need of hooking it up directly to a PC and transferring didi app herunterladen. While that is  a great feature to have, and also less annoying that you need to find your cables to hook it up to your computer, it is not a difficult procedure to do, albeit if you were using Windows or Mac schafkopf for free.

While the Playbook is based on QNX a form of Unix, it is somewhat mind boggling that RIM would not have made it easier for those who use Linux as their operating system of choice but don’t fear I have the answer here Download words for free. Granted that it might be slightly different on your distribution, I am using Ubuntu 11.04 to provide guidance on how to make this work.

On the Playbook from the Home Screen:

  1. Make sure you’re connected to your wireless router
  2. Swipe from the top bezel down to bring up the options menu from the Main screen
  3. Go to Storage & Sharing option and make sure File Sharing and Wi-Fi Sharing is ON and set a password
  4. While in Storage & Sharing under the Network Identification hit Properties and note down the username that is listed (it will be used later)
  5. Go back to Wi-Fi and hit the signal button (bottom left) and then choose Internet Connection and note down your IP address (it will be used later)

From your Linux machine (Note: It might be a little bit different on the distribution you are using). I did this using the default Gnome desktop in Ubuntu as previously stated

  1. Select File > Open
  2. In the address box type in smb://<IP address of Playbook> example smb://
  3. It will then open up a new window with two folders Certs and Media (Media contains everything on your playbook)
  4. Double click on it and it will pop up a message requesting your user name and password (See Playbook steps 3 and 4 above)
  5. Now you can transfer files from your Linux PC to your Playbook and vice versa

In steps 1 & 2 from your Linux machine, there are some distributions that have an address bar when you are navigating your system you can simply type the IP address of your playbook there as shown in step 2 and you will be good to go.

If you need any help with this, please feel free to leave a comment. These are the steps I’ve taken to be able to wirelessly transfer files between system.

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  1. Aug 5 2011

    We just picked up a playbook yesterday and today I find this post.
    I wonder what I’ll be doing a bit later?


    Many thanks for your work and for the post. Very much appreciated.

    • Mike L
      Aug 5 2011

      Patrick you’re welcome. I’ve searched quite a bit and wasn’t able to find anything that easily describes on how to do wi-fi sharing on Linux with a Playbook.

  2. PatrickEB
    Aug 12 2011

    Well, I did try it and it’s so bloody easy that it’s fantastic :))

    I repeat my thanks!

  3. smaiga
    Aug 21 2011


    I totally new to linux and Ubuntu. I am learning as I go.
    I just did a fresh installation of Ubuntu 11.04 and can’t find “File>Open”menu.

    Any help?

  4. smaiga
    Aug 21 2011

    Got it…

  5. Dec 10 2011

    Hi, many thanks for this, it works great. I am using Fedora 15. I couldn’t get it to work on windows, but on Fedora thanks to you, it is very simple. Cheers

    • Mike L
      Dec 10 2011

      You can do it via Start > Run > \\ and it will mount it. I think you can even Map it as a drive letter and you can easily transfer files to your PB wirelessly.

  6. Mar 23 2012

    Thanks for documenting this; I was poking at a PlayBook today, and wasn’t sure what means there were for attaching to it to copy files in and out, and this indicates some answers.

    Some further notes…

    – It is desirable for the IP address to be stable, so it would be Mighty Nice to add it to one’s DHCP configuration, as opposed to letting the PlayBook’s IP address roam around randomly. That requires poking at the configuration of a DHCP server. Not scary, but also not a “pointy-clicky” thing.

    It involves adding the PlayBook’s MAC address to the dhcpd.conf file, and indicating the IP address you want assigned.

    – It’s also nice to add the CIFS configuration to /etc/fstab. Presumably looks rather like:

    // /mnt/playbook cifs username=playbook,password=xxx,rw

  7. freddie
    Aug 12 2012

    Thanks for this. It helped enormously.

    It took me a while to figure out that with linux mint instead of “Select File> Open” you simply hit the menu key and then hit Terminal.

    You then type: nautilus smb:///media

    Thanks again

  8. remaster
    Aug 19 2012

    Thank you!!! now i don’t need to buy an app to do this!!

  9. freddie
    Aug 24 2012

    re my post above, of 12th aug, the ip address needs to be inserted between the forward slashes of course. For some reason the example i used did not appear in the post.

  10. Mar 31 2013

    Hi. Using Ubuntu 12.10. Home screen ‘ Leads me to my own files and search facility. How do I get to the PlayBook via wifi from here please? Thanks for your help

  11. harry
    Apr 24 2013

    this worked! before i had to go a long way to access my playbook. first i needed to install ddpb in wine and then with that program activate the usb ip to finally connect with gigolo as a windows share.
    now i just have to type smb://playbook

  12. May 5 2013

    This is excellent. On Ubuntu 12. On the desktop go to the top bar. Files>connect to server> select ‘windows share and just enter the ip address.

    Thanks for all the support

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