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March 3, 2012


Ubuntu Unleashed 2012 Edition Review

Ubuntu has been a “breakthrough” in the world of Linux. There never really has been a distribution that has received recognition like Ubuntu has when it comes to people wanting to try Linux for the very first time. People knew Windows and sorta knew Mac OS but with Ubuntu, the third player in the game is finally getting recognition.

Let me start off by indicating that this book is not geared towards novice users, unless you are the kind of person who wants to tinker at first and then learn a whole lot about Linux in general through the use of Ubuntu. There are people who want to know how terminal works and get down to the nitty gritty and see the full potential of Linux.

Sams Ubuntu Unleashed covers a variety of topics from basically installation, to using the new Unity desktop to creating your own server and even a bit of scripting with Perl and PHP. This edition of the book covers Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04.

The book is split into six different sections, (really five), with each section getting into more of the nitty gritty of Ubuntu. The first two sections really focus on installation of Ubuntu for the new user and the basics of the desktop, installing software and general discussion of the software you have on your system.

The third part is where it starts getting more advanced with the introduction to the command line, managing users, shell scripting, backing up your system, remote access and much more.

The fourth part of the book covers server, now if you ever wanted to setup your own server or learn about setting up a server then this is the right section for you. They cover setting up a file server to an Apache web server to even you own email server and much more. For those who want to setup an LDAP server or tinker with virtualization and the cloud this is for you.

The fifth part of the book doesn’t really cover Ubuntu per se, but it does cover development in Linux and covers such languages as PHP, Perl, C/C++ and talks about mono.


The book is quite well written and progresses you to the next step and is a great learning tool for wanting to learn more about Ubuntu and Linux in general. Command line still plays an important role in Linux till this very day, even though it is being used less and less it can provide you an easier way to do things in the long run once you develop the hang of it.

The chapters about the command line interface (CLI) is great and just scratches the surface but the topics that are covered in these chapters are very informative.

I really enjoyed this book and suggest it for those who are more at an intermediate level of knowledge when it comes to Linux.

Purchase: Ubuntu Unleashed 7th Edition