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November 5, 2011


The Official Ubuntu Book 6th Edition Review

There’s not too many distributions where there is a book dedicated to the distribution, but The Official Ubuntu book is geared towards Ubuntu distribution which has become very popular amongst the masses for it’s ease of use as well as the many support websites dedicated to helping its users resolves various issues.

The Official Ubuntu Book goes quite into depth about setting up and using Ubuntu. It talks about the history of Ubuntu and talks about Mark Shuttleworth’s involvement in making Ubuntu what it is today and a variety of other topics.

The book touches on a lot of subjects that a new user or even an intermediate user of Linux would enjoy. It talks about the new layout of Ubuntu 11.04, how to install, and remove programs as well a little more advanced stuff like adding repositories and command line terminals.

The authors do a great job of not making the user lost with the use of tech terms and stuck to layman’s terms through the book as they have always done since the first edition of the book.  Along with the great explanation of each topic, there are a lot of images included to help you understand what the authors are portraying in the topic which means you do not have to be in front of the computer to learn.

Since the first edition of the book, the authors talk about the variants of Ubuntu as Kubuntu and some detail in Edubuntu, Lubuntu and Xubuntu. There is also a chapter for those who feel like really doing some advanced stuff in creating their very own Ubuntu server to store files or even use it as a media server.


What do I have to say about this book? It’s a great way to learn the Ubuntu distribution, it is well detailed and covers a vast number of topics that a user will encounter while using Ubuntu. There are dedicated chapters on using programs like Evolution email, to the GIMP to talking about Ubuntu ONE and it’s free cloud storage.

This book is well worth it for those who want to learn more or who want to try something different than Windows. It will greatly help any Ubuntu novice get up to speed and understand almost everything that one needs to be up and running in no time.