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SolusOS 1.2 Eveline Review

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SolusOS is a lightweight distribution which uses Gnome 2 as its desktop interface and it is geared towards novice Linux users or those who do not need a heavy distribution download whatsapp as it goes.

Coming off the heels of an impressive first release earlier this year, we are back with an updated version of this distribution. The main focus is still the same but it now has some updated offerings weltkarte kostenlos herunterladen. Read moreRead more

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Mandriva Tech Preview Review

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It’s been a bumpy road for Mandriva over the past few years and today we will take a look at the Tech Preview of the next release of Mandriva Linux codenamed Bernie Lomax tax return aargau. The name itself has brought up some indication of whether this is the final release of Mandriva or just some sort of reference from the movie Weekend at Bernie’s Download music offline listen to iphone.

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Sabayon 9 Gnome Screenshots

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Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon Review

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After a very successful launch of Linux Mint 12, we’re taking a look at the newest edition of Linux Mint to see what’s new with this edition apps mac.

Linux Mint 12 brought on a lot of fanfare and made people switch over, myself as well, and we will see if Linux Mint codenamed “Maya” will be a hit as well kostenlose mahjong spiele zum herunterladen. Read moreRead more

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Fedora 17 Screenshots

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SolusOS 1 Screenshots

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Fuduntu 2012.2 Review

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Fuduntu is somewhat of a unique distribution, it has the feeling of Ubuntu but it is really a fork from Fedora. It is a distribution that releases quarterly updates with incremental changes which its goal is to keep on providing a better user experience Download the ringtones police siren for free.

The goal of Fuduntu is to provide a fully functional and yet less resource hungry distribution geared towards laptops and netbooks. With that said, it does not mean one cannot use it on a desktop as their main distribution Download games for pc for free windows 10. It uses the latest GNOME 2 desktop environment (2.32) and Linux kernel 3.2.15. Read moreRead more

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Pinguy 11.04 Review

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cPinguy is a Linux distribution that is geared towards netbooks that is based on Ubuntu 11.04. It uses a modified version of GNOME and is packed with many applications geared towards netbooks gta 5 free. It is available in both 32 bit and 64 bit flavours.

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