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Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon Review

After a very successful launch of Linux Mint 12, we’re taking a look at the newest edition of Linux Mint to see what’s new with this edition.

Linux Mint 12 brought on a lot of fanfare and made people switch over, myself as well, and we will see if Linux Mint codenamed “Maya” will be a hit as well. Read moreRead more


Fedora 17 Screenshots


One week with Linux Mint 12

Stemming from the review of Linux Mint 12, I had indicated that I will be installing it on my laptop and removing Ubuntu 11.10. After a full week of thorough usage, Linux Mint has been a pleasure to work with and a smooth transition from the Unity desktop from Ubuntu 11.10. Read moreRead more


Linux Mint 12 Review

Linux Mint 12’s foundation is built on the base of Ubuntu, one of the most popular Linux distributions out there, not to say that Linux Mint isn’t popular but with this edition, things might change.

With the latest release in Linux Mint “Lisa”, there has been a shift in what it feels its users deserve in the desktop environment that they choose. When Ubuntu 11 came out there was a big backlash in the Ubuntu community about the desktop Unity, being used and not allowing those which are more familiar with Linux a full Gnome desktop. Read moreRead more