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May 19, 2012


SolusOS 1 Eveline Review

In the world of Linux there’s plenty of choices to choose from, whether it be distribution or desktop environments (KDE, Gnome2, Gnome 3, XFCE) but then there are those who would like a new distro with an older desktop environment spotify songs herunterladen pc.

SolusOS is a Debian “Stable” based distribution that uses GNOME 2 as its desktop environment. Currently SolusOS is only available in 32 bit but will see a 64 bit release in the near future download the stop sign for free. SolusOS is also an installable Live distribution.

Installation of the distribution was quite straight forward and feels like an Ubuntu based distribution being installed microsoft office for free in full german 2018. There were very standard options to choose from when installing your distribution from keyboard language, to setting up your first user account.

Once that was done we were greeted by the first run wizard which allows you to add more settings such as enabling the firewall, go to

SolusOS website, visit the support forums or ask for help in their IRC channel. Once those steps were done, we were greeted with a simple and yet elegant desktop which has somewhat of a Linux Mint feel.

There is a whole lot of software that comes as part of SolusOS, Firefox 12 is your default web browser along with Thunderbird for your email client. LibreOffice 3.5.2 is your default Office Suite. Pidgin is your instant messenger of choice for those who want to chat on MSN, ICQ, Facebook, etc.

Multimedia applications are bountiful in SolusOS where we have Cheese for your pictures, Gnome Mplayer for movies, Rhythmbox for music and playlists, VLC media player to play music as well as video files and more.

As for games, there’s no games installed but there is one application installed and that is PlayOnLinux. PlayOnLinux is a WINE based application that will allow you to play games in Linux without the need of having a Windows license or Windows installed. It would be best suggested to go to their homepage to see which games will work for you.

To install or remove software applications you have a few choices to use, there is PackageKit which is a relatively stripped down software store that one can find in Ubuntu or Linux Mint, Synaptic Package Manager which allows you to install, remove, and update software or apt-get via terminal since this is a Debian based distribution.


After using this distribution for over a week, I find it is quite stable. It has all the applications one would need and then some and did not have any issues with applications hanging or system crashes.

One minor issue I do have is in regards to installation. It should’ve offered some sort of default partitioning that a novice user of Linux could accept off the bat instead of having to partition the drive and choosing mount points and size of swap which would be a bit much for a new user of Linux.

Homepage: http://solusos.com/
Screenshots: SolusOS 1


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  1. OostAchterhoek
    May 24 2012

    SolusOS is Linux Mint Debian plus. I like this distro very much. It was easy to install a NVidia driver. No problems with my hardware which i did encounter with LMDE, like immediate resume after suspend

  2. May 26 2012

    Looks real nice but I’m still waiting for a 64 bit version before I try it.

  3. Mike L
    May 26 2012

    It seems that they are on RC2 of a 64bit launch and probably should have a full 64bit version shortly.

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