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September 22, 2012


SolusOS 1.2 Eveline Review

SolusOS is a lightweight distribution which uses Gnome 2 as its desktop interface and it is geared towards novice Linux users or those who do not need a heavy distribution download whatsapp as it goes.

Coming off the heels of an impressive first release earlier this year, we are back with an updated version of this distribution. The main focus is still the same but it now has some updated offerings weltkarte kostenlos herunterladen.SolusOS 1.2 now comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors which for those who have more than 4GB of memory can now access all of it making a huge improvement in performance and multitasking cityville for free. This distribution still comes as a Live media so you can try it before installing it.

Installation of SolusOS is straight forward and did not change from version 1 hoe video op ipad. Installation consists of a few mouse clicks and entering a user name and password and setting up of your language and time zone. After that we were done and rebooted into a nice and elegant desktop herunterladen. Installation times will vary depending on your computer setup.

SolusOS is very polished to the fact that most people wouldn’t recognize that it uses an older version of Gnome desktop environment best app to download music. The windows, icons and default color scheme would make it so that we were using a more modern desktop environment. The menu system is very nice and an has a Windows feel download pinterest multiple images.

SolusOS comes with quite a bit of software by default. For Internet we have Firefox and Thunderbird for email, Pidgin as our instant messenger program and X-Chat for those who still use IRC adressen verwalten kostenlosen. LibreOffice 3.6 is our office suite of choice which is very robust and comes with a word procressor in Writer, a spreedsheet program in Calc and much more Download five nights at freddy's for free.PlayOnLinux application

For multimedia we have VLC media player which plays music and movies along with Rhythmbox which can also play music and has much more features than VLC media player herunterladen. Brasero is your CD/DVD burning application.

PlayOnLinux is an application for those who want to install Windows applications within Linux. It gives it an “environment” which allows programs to be installed without having a Windows license but not all programs will work.


The SolusOS team has continued to work hard and quite frankly it has paid off. This distribution is using an older desktop environment but they polish it up and make it practically their own. There’s nothing much I could complain about in this distribution and we now have a 64 bit version which was my original complaint in their first release.

People always recommend Ubuntu for a first time computer user because it’s easy but nothing can get easier than SolusOS. It’s one of a very select few I would recommend for a complete Linux newbie because its menu is Windows-eque and it’s pretty straight forward without Dash’s busy looking and often complicated menu.

These guys have done a great job once again and I’m happy to recommend this distribution.

More Information

Homepage: http://solusos.com/
Screenshots: SolusOS 1.2


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  1. Ildefonso Giron
    Sep 23 2012

    I recently bought a Lenovo Z475 and I installed Debian 6 Squeeze, which I have been using for a lifetime. After almost a week of trying hard, I could not install appropriate drivers for video and audio, neither free or proprietary. Given that I was getting ready for a business trip with no time left, I resourced to install SolusOS 1.2, after giving a try to the Live DVD. As expected, all my hardware worked ok.

    Nevertheless, I am not fully satisfied with this distro’s behaviour. Some things are really painfull. Here’s a brief list of things I have found.

    – USB flash memories auto-disconnect after a few seconds. And I have a variety of them, so it cannot be attributed to said USB’s make or model. Same thing with network printers. Prior to sending a job to a network printer, I have to restart CUPS. Otherwise, network printers are not available. I also am not able to mount NFS shares.

    – I use VIM as my main development tool and it behaves differently than in my other machines, which is really annoying.

    – Strangely enough is the fact that I cannot watch movies or video clips, be it in DVD or file format –any format–. VLC and XINE complain that they are not able to find suitable audio/video adaptors. On the other hand, I can watch videos in Youtube and other sites.

    Four cores and 8GB of ram were the main attractives of getting this machine, but at its current state it is hardly what I expected.


  2. Aug 28 2013

    Great review! This guys are working right now in Soluos 2 with pisi!

    Hope they have it ready soon…



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