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February 18, 2012


Sabayon 8 XFCE Review

Sabayon 8 XFCE is a Gentoo based distribution that comes with XFCE desktop version 4.8 and makes Gentoo a whole lot easier. Gentoo Linux is a more advanced based distribution that has been around a long time which is focused more on advanced users with compiling  your own packages (programs) in order to run crossword puzzles for free german.

Sabayon, takes a different approach and takes the hard part out of Gentoo and makes it easy with the latest version in Sabayon 8.Sabayon comes as an installable LiveDVD and is available in 32 bit and 64 bit flavours probleme beim bilder herunterladen. Installation did not take that long and was not complicated. The configuration was pretty easy and had you setup your keyboard, select your timezone and so forth kniffel pc spiel kostenlos downloaden.

Once installed, you’re greeted with a fairly simple and clean desktop with a few select icons. Entropy Store is the place to go for installing additional applications you might want with Sabayon gratis schriften zum downloaden. It is plain simple to do, just type in the program you want, say, Opera, check the box off next to it and click Install and then choose Commit. From there it will download and install the package for you and will find it in your XFCE menu bar steam download chip.

The package selection is pretty good with what it comes with by default. There is no email client installed by default, but nowadays, it isn’t really frowned upon as either your ISP has a web based version or more people use a free account download rekordbox for free. Midori is your web

browser, some might not have heard of it, but it is based on Webkit and thus adheres to most standards out on the Internet mit tor anonym downloaden. It is quite fast but for those who like Firefox and their favorite addon to go with it, just simply go to the Entropy Store and install it.

Thunar file manager is pretty responsive in itself and Sabayon has done a great job with the look of the file manager apps does not load. I like the fact that you can easily go to a terminal screen with right clicking on a folder and choosing Open Terminal Window and it will open it with that directory path Please download papers for free german.

As far as keeping your system up-to-date, there is a notification icon on the top of your screen that will alert you when there is an update. Keeping the system updated is quite simple and you can choose which updates you want to apply to your system fahrtenbuch vorlage herunterladen.

As far as stability goes, I did not have any major issues in regards to programs crashing nor the system locking up. Responsiveness of the system will ultimately depend on the hardware you are using but nonetheless, I found opening programs and working in Sabayon quite speedy.


Sabayon can compete with the easy to use distributions out there like Linux Mint and Ubuntu but for those who want to get down and dirty with Sabayon, they know they can do so as it is Gentoo based and compile programs themselves.

Gentoo has been around a long time and to take a distribution that as previously stated geared towards the advanced user and make it simple for a novice deserves props. They also have a great community on their website for those who need assistance in fixing an issue.

The developers have done an excellent job with this distribution and it shows and would recommend this one for those who don’t really like Ubuntu and maybe want to expand their Linux skills in the future with compiling programs and much more.

 More Information

Homepage: http://www.sabayon.com

Screenshots: Sabayon 8 XFCE

  1. 4ensicPenguin2
    Feb 20 2012

    Need to point out that it is a rolling-release, which I like.

  2. punk_rocka
    Feb 20 2012

    Sabayon is great, i recommend it.Everything just works.
    This is the distribution that put the end of my distro hopping

  3. THX1138
    Feb 20 2012

    I gave Sabayon 8 Gnome a try last week because I wanted to see how Cinnamon worked on it. While Gnome 3 versions of Linux Mint, Fedora, and Open Suse were install and run…Sabayon would not connect wirelessly. It could see my card and my network, but wouldn’t connect. I used the exact same settings as in the other distros. I’ve only come across this with KDE distros, never Gnome so for me that is enough to write it off. Too bad, it looked cool on the live DVD.

  4. steve
    Apr 7 2012

    Sabayon8 looks really good and I’m happy now I’ve found out how to correct the clock (it was 1 hour fast) but I still have no idea how to set up the menu key to be the compose key, or make left and right win keys the 3rd level chooser (right win is already.) There are two “Keyoard”s in Settings manager; only one works and doesn’t have that level of control. I can’t get a working volume control on the desktop either.
    It’s a lovely distro apart from those gripes – all the hardware just worked with no problems and installation was very straightforward.

  5. steve
    Apr 8 2012

    follow up: After the latest update I was able to add the mixer to the panel. Just the keyboard left to sort.

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