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December 17, 2011


Puppy Linux Racy Review

Puppy Linux is a tiny distribution that is geared towards older PCs and giving them a second life. Puppy Linux can be run from a Live CD or USB (for faster performance) or just install it onto your system musik von youtube music downloaden.

The software programs that come part of Puppy Linux are those that are specifically picked out to ensure that resources are not wasted while providing a productive machine gta 5 download free pc. The programs that are part of Puppy you will not usually find on a distribution such as Linux Mint or Ubuntu which  are geared towards more modern systems but that does not mean they are any less useful herunterladen.

There is everything you need in Puppy to make a fully functional system, SeaMonkey which is a browser and email client and more, which is powered by Mozilla (the makers of Firefox and Thunderbird), for office productivity you have AbiWord which is a light weight document creater, GNUmeric for your spreadsheet software. Pburn is your software for ripping, burning and copying media and can also burn to BluRay discs which is not often you would see a program included in a lightweight distribution.

You can install and remove other programs on your system that you find that you do not use to free up space. Puppy Package Manager (PPM) is a pretty straight-forward application that gives you options to search for programs you want to install on your system. Users who are used to more modern desktops might complain a bit about the lack of eye-candy when a package is downloading as it is opening a terminal screen with the download progress. Once installed, PPM will make sure you have all dependencies in order for the program to run. Installing Opera browser was easy and PPM even added it to the correct category, Internet, for this case.


Overall Puppy is a quite responsive distribution that tasks itself with being lean and also specializes in an area which can turn an old PC which is too slow to run the latest version of Windows into a machine that can be easily used to browse the Internet, write emails and much more.

The looks might take some people who are used to flashy desktops aback, but Puppy’s esthetics are pretty good overall, even if it doesn’t look like Linux Mint, remember that Puppy is geared towards low resource systems.

I think Puppy Linux is pretty good overall, my slight complaint is the PPM which needs a little more polishing, the whole terminal window to show that the program is downloading is a little bit dated and just having a simple pop up progress bar would be nicer and more aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Wayne Monson
    Dec 18 2011

    Your review provides a cursory examination of Puppy Linux in general, and says nothing in particular to the Racy Puppy version. This short announcement at http://www.osnews.com/story/25370/Racy_Puppy_Linux_Released for example, at least explains a little bit about what defines Racy Puppy, and as such you will note that Racy is designed to run on newer hardware than its “sibling” Wary Puppy… hence the name Racy.

    • Mike L
      Dec 18 2011

      HI Wayne, you are correct after further looking into the matter.

  2. Joseph Barr
    Dec 20 2011

    I have always loved Puppy Linux. The only problem that I find ,is if it could only be easy to install on a Hard Drive. Otherwise it mets one’s needs.

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