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July 24, 2012


Peppermint OS Three Review

Peppermint OS Three, released yesterday picks up from where it left off in version two of this great lightweight distribution. It is based on an Ubuntu 12.04 variant, called LUbuntu which is geared towards the lightweight end of things google authenticatoren pc. Peppermint OS Three is using Openbox as its desktop environment.

Peppermint OS Three is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit installations and allows you to try it before installing it on your system darf man musik herunterladen.

Installation of Peppermint OS Three is quite simple and straight forward. If you have installed Ubuntu or one of its other variants, will be pleased to know that the same installer has been brought over to Peppermint OS wie kann ich bilder aus dem internet downloaden.

PeppermintOS is not overly filled with applications in which it helps keep size and resources to a minimum. As we saw with version Two, version Three keeps up with the less is more theme here herunterladen. Most of the applications that are installed on this system is an online application

The image editors that come with Peppermint are online based which keeps system resources at a minimum cute cut kostenlos herunterladen. You can edit a photo that resides on your computer in Pixlr and from there it will almost instantaneously open it allow you to work on it with the tools being offered by the website gta 3 android kostenlos downloaden. Pixlr is a quite a versatile tool that can make it easy for you to modify or add effects to your existing photos.

Keeping with the lightweight theme, we see Guayadeque brought back as our audio player and online radio player herunterladen. It is lightweight and fully featured application that has online Internet radio built in.

Our office productivity suite is Google Docs and now with version Three, GWOffice is included where it can use our Google Drive to the desktop to make it even easier to utilize Google Docs with its full potential gom player herunterladen.

Taking a step from Linux Mint, we see the appearance of Software Manager which allows you to easily search and install and uninstall applications as you choose final cut pro x herunterladen. You can easily browse the categories of software that is available but to me there shouldn’t be much one would need to install in order to keep this distribution as light as possible 3dmark for free. If you’re not a fan of the Software Manager that comes apart of Peppermint OS, don’t worry as PepperMint OS does ship Synaptic Package manager for those who know what they want to look for and don’t need the fancy interface.

Linux Mint updater has also been incorporated to this version of Peppermint OS which is a step away from the default Ubuntu based one which was part of the previous version. It keeps things really simple here and prefer the Mint updater than the Ubuntu one.


PeppermintOS has taken a step in the right direction with this new version as it has resolved issues that were present in the previous version. It is true to its name of lightweight and we see by which software it includes. I can easily say that this distribution can easily run on a netbook with 2GB of RAM but wished there was a way it could be on tablets.

It has been stable, and it isn’t easy for such a great distro to change and improve. We really won’t see changes in software that we might in a distro geared towards desktops as this is a “specialized” distribution. Its apps are focused online so we won’t see any changes there.

More Information

Homepage: PepperMint OS

Screenshots: Peppermint OS Three

  1. JasonLG
    Jul 24 2012

    I agree Peppermint is a great OS for netbooks(I run it on my Cr-48 flawlessly) and I don’t see what would keep anyone from running it on a desktop, since it’s based on Ubuntu you have access to thousands of programs if you’re not into the whole cloud thing. I like it particularly because it’s light on pre-installed apps. It saves me the time of removing default apps and installing the ones I like to use.

    • Mike L
      Jul 24 2012

      I agree wiith your point it is almost a “clean” distribution. Some lightweight desktops overdo it on the pre-installed apps which Peppermint does not.

      Too bad I can’t use it on my Asus Transformer Prime it would give it some extra life where Android seems to lack.

  2. Anna
    Jul 24 2012

    I’ve used every version since Peppermint One on my desktop; four, including Ice. Peppermint was my very first Linux distro, in fact, a couple of months after it was born. I install a couple of things from outside that I work with all the time, add a few others from repositories and I’m done. Something might go wrong now and then, but it’s very, very rare. Peppermint just keeps on going, mostly. People like to get a lot of stuff in a distro, it seems, but this is a better idea, for me anyhow. Thanks for the nice review.

  3. Jul 25 2012

    Thanks for the review. 🙂

    • Mike L
      Jul 28 2012

      You’re welcome. It’s a great distro and had a great time reviewing it.

  4. tora201
    Aug 3 2012

    Nice. I used One, a year or so back I think it was. Daughter was using it before I replaced it with full Ubuntu. Might go back to Three. Read other reviews and they said good things about it too. Like others say, can always install other Ubuntu stuff if one needs to.

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