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August 6, 2011


PCLinuxOS XFCE Phoenix Edition 2011-07 Review

PCLinuxOS Phoenix Edition is an XFCE based installable LiveCD distribution that is focused on using less resources compared to other desktop environments to ensure that you can use this distribution on a not so modern PC fehler beim herunterladen der zertifikatssperrliste (crl).

For those who have decided to install the distribution onto their hard drive it is quite simple just reboot your computer and choose the option of Install and you will proceed to the installation steps download music for free and without registration mp3. There aren’t too many difficult settings to choose when installing PCLinuxOS and is quite straight forward. Once installation is complete, and system restarted we were greeted with a few more screens to finalize installation such as timezone, user account and administrative password avira antivir für windows 7 kostenlos downloaden.

The PCLinuxOS desktop is quite clean with a few icons on the desktop as well it has a weather app at the bottom of the screen showing the current weather for your city as well as some other applications on the top such as live memory usage chart as well as some icons for some commonly used icons like Firefox browser, terminal and editor.

The menu system is quite clean and simple to use and is broken up into different categories such as Office Productivity and Internet tools. Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird 5 are the default browser and email client that comes part of the package. Synaptic Package Manager is the default program manager for your system where you can add, remove and update programs that are on your system.

PCLinuxOS has a very intuitive control center where you can configure things such as a scanner and printer and make changes to your system. The options presented are very straight forward and not overly complicated thus continuing the theme of simplicity.


PCLinuxOS is quite a responsive and any system with atleast 1 GB of ram will be able to quite easily run this distribution. Sitting idle we were barely using 300MB of memory with just default processes running, XFCE is quite a nice desktop to use and is lighter than GNOME or KDE and that does not mean it has less functionality than the other two but if your system does not have a lot of memory or isn’t fast, why have the desktop take up most of the resources?

PCLinuxOS has quite a few programs installed by default and have insured that they are not resource hungry programs where possible. By default, LibreOffice is not installed which helps keeps the download size down but you can install what you want with the LibreOffice Manager on your own. It would have been nice to see maybe a proper document editor installed by default instead of a plain text editor.

Overall I enjoyed PCLinuxOS XFCE edition and appreciate the distribution as well as a nice default wallpaper and great icons.



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1 Comment
  1. jms
    Jul 1 2012

    trying on old Dell 600m. seems to run decently on this. printer setup broken in the control center. having to “google is your friend” to find out which packages I need to install. this is a lot of hassle. the “@” and the ” ” ” are switched on the keyboard and I have to try to remap those. Then when installing needed packages for printing (around 143 mb more) getting error messages that some other package(not in the repo) is needed. This kind of stuff really is not acceptable IMO. Yeah, i will figure it out when I get around to it…then again I might d/l lmde xfce or try mageia dual arch as I am mostly a Mageia user…

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