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December 3, 2011


One week with Linux Mint 12

Stemming from the review of Linux Mint 12, I had indicated that I will be installing it on my laptop and removing Ubuntu 11.10. After a full week of thorough usage, Linux Mint has been a pleasure to work with and a smooth transition from the Unity desktop from Ubuntu 11.10.

Hardware detection was very good once everything is was detected “right out of the box” and wireless, Bluetooth and webcam of my Asus G51Vx laptop was functional right away. There was no hiccups nor any major problems.

The move to a full Gnome 3 desktop with the addons from Linux Mint has made it worthwhile to change from Ubuntu’s Unity desktop as I’ve stated created a lot of controversy with Linux users.

In the review I’ve mentioned issues with the desktop and AMD/ATI drivers where there was corruption, but I have also noticed the rare occurrence of corruption of text when waking out of Hibernate or Suspend modes on my nVidia based graphics which was quickly resolved by doing a simple reboot. The menu options would be corrupt but the text on applications would not be effected such as the menu bar and text within the application.

Overall I’ve been quite happy with the switch to Linux Mint as Unity can get quite annoying when switching programs or trying to modify settings because the application menu is not the one you wanted to see.

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  1. jo13
    Feb 9 2012

    i installing this os on my machine. acer aspire 4740G and everything is working.. the wireless is working.. and detect the webcam. and i don’t find a problem on the driver.. this is really perfect os. Long Live Linux!!!

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