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May 26, 2012


Mageia 2 Review

In the Linux world distributions are usually based off a popular distribution. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, Ubuntu is based off of Debian which has been around for a long time adobe flash player dangerous. Mageia is a fork of the somewhat popular Mandriva Linux.

Mageia comes in two flavors: 32 bit and 64 bit. There are a few options in obtaining and using Mageia, you have the installable LiveCD version which is 700MB and uses LXDE as its desktop or the DVD version weighing in at 3.1GB which allows you to choose the desktop environment you would like to install (KDE 4.8.2, Gnome 3, or LXDE) as well as a network install mode gekaufte spiele bei origin herunterladen. We are taking a look at the KDE install of Mageia for this review.

Installation of Mageia was fairly straight-forward. Installation was provided through the drakx installer and installation times will vary depending on your system specifications bau simulator kostenlosen für pc. There were little to no difficult options to choose from during installation and we were presented with the usual language and keyboard selection, time zone setting, partitioning, configuration of root password and a user account.

Once installation was complete, we were greeted by a plain looking desktop with some icons for most frequently used programs near the kicker menu and some icons in the notification area near the clock. Mageia uses a simpler looking KDE Kicker menu than the normal KDE menu which uses a sort of hierarchy when it comes to launching programs.

The Control Center and System settings are pretty straight forward and one can easily find the setting you want to modify within these two applications. Installation, removal and updating of software is provided through RPMdrake which looks like a scaled down version of the Ubuntu Software Centre.

As for applications installed, they are bountiful. We have Firefox 10.0.4 ESR (Extended Support Release) version that is meant to be used in a more business environment. It will not have the latest features or improvements that the current Firefox version has. As this is KDE; Konqueror is also available to use and comes installed by default. With regards to email, KMail is the default email application.

LibreOffice suite is the default office suite that comes with Mageia instead of KOffice; Skrooge, a financial management tool is a nice added touch.

As far as multimedia applications there are ample installed, we have Kdenlive which is an open source video editor, Amarok for playing music, MPlayer to watch movies, the latest version of The GIMP for image manipulation and creation and much more.


Mageia is a pretty good distribution. It was pretty stable for me and did not have any freezing or lockups. It does have the look and feel of Mandriva and it seems a bit nostalgic.

Screenshots: Mageia 2

  1. David
    May 27 2012

    Nice review , bro .

  2. Digigold
    May 30 2012

    Nostalgic?…I would say Mageia is a step forward in the right direction while Ubuntu seems to be stumbling more with each release.

    Firefox & Thunderbird 10 ESR are nice and stable but in the end I ripped them out and installed 12 on my own. No problems using the updated version of either though.

    • Mike L
      May 30 2012

      It really felt like I was using Mandriva during the review. I’m not saying it’s not an improvement over Mandriva which now has been released to the community.

  3. Sakis
    Aug 18 2012

    Mageia is top linux distro and much more better than Mandriva that is now commerial and sucks !

    Interface for the common user is very near to windows os. Mageia its a very cool linux distro and its everything Free & Open source software !

    I recomment Linux Mageia to everybody 😉

  4. william moss
    Sep 22 2012

    Two or three times a year, I try all the Linux distributions I can find so I can recommend something to people. I test them on a 1.2GHz K7, a dual core AMD64/AM2 and a G3 Mac laptop. Mageia 2 has proven to be a great distro w/ LXDE for older hardware and the Linux user who is not nor wishes to be deeply involved with the OS. The annoyance w/ the installation media is easily cured and most of the people I recommended the distro to, found it themselves. This was the BEST distro on the 1.2GHz K7 that also was user friendly and had the look and feel of WinXP.

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