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November 19, 2011


Linux Live USB Creator Review

Linux is quite a versatile operating system. It is one of the only current operating system that allows you to use a USB key or create a Live environment to give you the “try before you buy” feel. There are very few Linux distributions out there that allow you to use it while in Windows so this tool makes it now possible¬† to accomplish that feat.Lili is quite a simple program to use to be able to get your favorite version of Linux to work side by side within Windows. Lili uses virtualization to accomplish the task and you do not have to be a genius to create your own Live Linux environment.

You do not need much in order to be able to create your own Linux live environment, a PC with sufficient memory, a USB key and your favorite distribution. Having a faster computer with atleast 2GB of RAM will give you a better experience as well as a fast USB key.

There isn’t much you have to do in order to create your very own Live environment; stick in your USB key, download your favorite distribution ( In this case I tested it with Fedora 16 KDE), select the space you want for persistence (discussed later) and hit the lightning bolt and away you go. Now persistence is an option that allows you to save documents onto the same USB key and take it with you on the go. The space available will depend on how big your USB key is as well as the distribution you are using. I easily had a few gigabytes available on my 8GB key when using Fedora 16 KDE version.

There are some modifications you can do on the virtualized environment such as changing the amount of memory the Live environment as well as the amount of processors/cores you want to dedicate to the Live environment (dependent on your computer specs).


LinuxLive USB Creator is a very good program. It’s quite simple to use and allows you to take your Linux distribution with you on the go. As I have stated earlier, your performance will vary depending on your computer specifications as well as your USB key. Some USB keys are better performing than others so that will make a big difference.

Virtualization is done by a portable version of VirtualBox which allows you to run on your Windows/Linux/Mac computer but does not allow you to take it on the go like Lili does. Just as a note to users who try this program, there is currently a bug for those who use AMD/ATi videocards that is no fault to the creator of Lili.

Lili almost gives you the same feel like is created with Ubuntu and the Wubi installer but so far, nothing come close to wubi.


Distributions Supported: Click Here