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April 28, 2012


Fuduntu 2012.2 Review

Fuduntu is somewhat of a unique distribution, it has the feeling of Ubuntu but it is really a fork from Fedora. It is a distribution that releases quarterly updates with incremental changes which its goal is to keep on providing a better user experience Download the ringtones police siren for free.

The goal of Fuduntu is to provide a fully functional and yet less resource hungry distribution geared towards laptops and netbooks. With that said, it does not mean one cannot use it on a desktop as their main distribution Download games for pc for free windows 10. It uses the latest GNOME 2 desktop environment (2.32) and Linux kernel 3.2.15.

Installation of Fuduntu was quite simple and for those who have used Fedora before will feel quite comfortable gratis powerpointen 2010. Once installation was done, we were greeted with another dialog box to create users and to set the date and time accordingly and then we were off to the simple yet sleek desktop age of empires kostenlos spielen ohne download.Fuduntu Dekstop

The desktop contains a dock where one can easily launch an application herunterladen. For those who have seen Mac OS, you will instantly know what I’m talking about here as awn is the program that allows you to easily add or remove icons from the dock instagram download computer. It is a nice added feature that saves one time instead of going through the menus to find the application you always use. You can also customize the look and feel of how awn behaves which is a nice added touch herunterladen.

As mentioned above, mobile usage is also quite important and Fuduntu comes with Jupiter which is an application which is geared towards improving battery life and overall increasing the ability for the end user to adjust their settings whether they are in battery mode or plugged in with ease sticker maker downloaden.

For software, Fuduntu is somewhat in a mixed environment in regards to focusing on things in an online environment while having some programs installed onto your system google streetviewen ipad. This does not hurt Fuduntu as the prerequisites to run this distribution is somewhat on the lower end of the scale but with online programs like Google Docs for example it won’t use as much resources like LibreOffice would For the programs that are installed on your system, there is VLC media player, Chromium is your web browser and also have Pidgin for your instant messaging application to name a few windows 7 updates manuell downloaden.


Fuduntu is quite a nice distribution to use and really does feel like an Ubuntu based distribution and not a Fedora like one. There is a good mix of online and offline programs that one can use to get things done and also if you like installing your own programs you can choose what you want and not worry about uninstalling a bunch that you do not need or want.

Awn is a nice inclusion as well. I’ve used Docky when reviewing another distribution and did not have a pleasant experience at the time though things might have changed since then.

The whole experience is nice right out of the box and not bombarded with too much icons or fancy eye candy and it is a plus in my books. The options are quite numerous for those who want to customize the look and feel of how the distro works.

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Screenshots: Fuduntu 2012.2

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  1. crabbos
    May 3 2012

    I really like Fuduntu but unfortunately had some issues that I could not easily fix. Surprisingly the only problems I had were with the browsers – Chromium would not display Thai language properly (text appeared as empty boxes) and Firefox refused to open half of the websites I wanted. Apart from that, the distro is really good and if the browser problems are fixed I’d be happy to make it my main OS on the laptop.

  2. Ken
    Jun 11 2012

    I really like everything about Fuduntu, but I cannot get it to connect to my wired network, only the wireless net. If this is ever resolved I would be happy to make it my main distro.

  3. Mike H
    Jul 4 2012

    This being an open comment forum, I hope no-one will mind me mentioning the name of another similar distro, well worth a look: Lubuntu.

    Lubuntu is derived from current Ubuntu versions, but uses a nice lightweight LXDE desktop instead of Unity (Gnome is available as an option. It is the only desktop Linux I’ve found which is happy to run in under 128Mb of RAM – making it ideal for resurrecting middle aged machines as well as new ones.

    LXDE is a great as a desktop – do give it a try.


    • Mike L
      Jul 4 2012

      Lubuntu is pretty good but it is too lightweight for my liking and prefer Xubuntu running XFCE. I did review Lubuntu over here and the LXDE desktop does a great job on an older machine where most Linux distros are ignoring this space.

  4. Birendra
    Jul 6 2012

    Although I have a little knowledge of computer software, I would say that Fuduntu is what I was looking for. As it is well said, Fuduntu contains the positive aspects of both Fedora (well secured & stable) and Ubuntu (user friendly and plenty of apps.& tools). What is best for me is that it is a rolling (type) distribution, so once installed no need of re-installation.

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