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July 29, 2012


Bodhi Linux 2.0.0 Review

When it comes to unique lightweight distributions, there is no other distribution out there that is as unique as Bodhi Linux. Based on Ubuntu and using the extremely lightweight E17 desktop it can bring a  lot of life to an older machine or you can have a speedy Linux distribution on a new machine multimedia player herunterladen.

Bodhi Linux is an installable live distribution that is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems which is based on the stable Linux 3.2 kernel, and uses PCManFM file manager pdf downloaden naar word.

The uniqueness of Bodhi comes in the profiles that you can choose from. The Profiles feature that comes as part of Bodhi allows one to change the look and feel of the desktop itself tiptoi dateien herunterladen ohne manager. One might prefer a sort of tablet look and feel or you can easily change it to something minimalistic or go full blown out with a desktop look and feel herunterladen.

Another thing that makes Bodhi unique is the relatively clean installation. There are virtually no pre-installed programs besides the system applications and a web browser that are needed to run and install said software podcast app herunterladen. A lot of times we are overwhelmed with software that comes as part of a distribution even for some lightweight distributions out there but everyone’s opinion of virtually no software versus atleast having

software pre-installed is debatable Download film effects for free.

Installing of software can be done in a few ways. The easier way to get your system up and running is through Bodhi Linux App Center which is where you can download predefined bundles of software which can get you up and running quickly libreoffice kostenloser download deutsch. There’s two predefined bundles available in Bodhi which are: Nikhila Application Set which is a bundle of applications that are more powerful and might stray a bit away of being lightweight and there is the Pratibha set which is geared towards lighter weight applications aus der cloud herunterladen.

The other way one could easily update, install and remove software is through the popular Synaptic package manager. Here you can search for an application you want to install and install it instead of just installing a predefined bundle of software Download vtech download.


The time spent reviewing Bodhi Linux has been a great one. It is nice to see the amount one can easily customize the look and feel of the distribution Download sleepsongs for free. The artwork which comes with Bodhi is top-notch and you can even download more from their forums to even enhance the look and feel.

Bodhi has been very stable for me and did not experience any major crashing. It is not easy to choose what software should and should not be installed as part of any Linux distribution and everyone has their opinion on that. I find Bodhi a bit user unfriendly just because of the lack of software that comes pre-installed but as stated earlier everyone has their opinions when it comes to software applications.

More Information

Homepage: Bodhi Linux

Screenshots: Bodhi Linux 2.0.0


  1. linuxlover
    Jul 29 2012

    Thanks for reviewing Bodhi linux. I have installed this new release on my desktop along with mint lxde which I am going to remove since that is not going to be in the scheme of things for mint.
    As of Bodhi this is very great. Responsive and lightweight and good looking.
    Yes. There are few things like it needs some learning. For example, I used to download and read pdf documents for which no viewer was preinstalled. Then I chose a pdf reader to install and use. I dont think this can be called as unfriendliness. Especially since Midori was given and with the great Bodhi app center every software we need is just one click away.

    • Mike L
      Jul 29 2012

      Thanks for reading the review. I guess it is really dependent on the person if they find it a bit unfriendly to have no software besides Midori installed; but many intermediate and advanced users would love the fact that they are given a clean slate.

  2. Anthony C
    Aug 7 2012

    Great review, been with Bodhi since 1.1 and had Bodhi 2 for a couple weeks. I still prefer 1.4 out of all the releases so far. The ubuntu 12 base seems to have issues with gtkpod and nfs servers, though….As well, with JFTP. Other than that, ran flawlessly, speedily, and, of course, beautifully. 🙂
    Oh, and I’m for “less is more” when installing a new distro. To each his own!

  3. Aug 25 2012

    I have tried installed some lightweight linux distro, but some times I get not stable enough, such as I get some crashes especially for E17 Desktop Environment. But I haven’t tried the newest release, hope better with always up to date OS.

    Thanks for the review.

  4. tom
    Aug 27 2012

    Last time I used E17 was when I bought my home computer… the $199 special Everex gPC sold by Walmart for brief stint in late 2007… my first exposure to Linux. I upgraded the power supply, RAM and graphics card and soon switched to Ubuntu quickly because the pre-installed E17 gOS (distro) was pretty mediocre. I’ve been using Linux ever since. My $199 + $100 in upgrades computer is still going strong after 5 years but I’m starting to find it a bit sluggish with Gnome 3, KDE and Unity. Now I have discovered Bodhi, and while I am still testing, I am fairly sold. My system is much snappier and I like the software addition interface. Very happy so far.

  5. Simon Radburn
    Sep 13 2012

    I installed Bodhi Linux this evening and absolutely love it, I am new to Linux but within the last two weeks have tried Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint and Bodhi. Bodhi is my favorite so far I uninstalled Mint because I didn’t enjoy using it at all. That surprised me especially because it has great reviews. Now running Bhodi and Ubuntu in dual boot and not missing Windows at all.

  6. moltov
    Dec 14 2012

    What about Bodhi on tablet?
    I got a pretty cheap tablet, which is coming with Android 2.4, but is sucks. I’m using linux Mint LXDE and I have understod what is the precious thing inside the linux OS.
    In fact i’d like to “upgreat” my slow and dummy tablet to some linux realees.
    Please woud you recomend something?

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